Saxophone Life

Synthetic Vs. Cane Reeds 

This is a very popular topic amongst saxophonists. Let me start out by saying, there is no right answer.


Cane reeds have been the mainstay for years and the most 'traditional' material for making reeds. They give a warm, rich and woody sound and resonates perfectly. IF you can find a good one. 

What every saxophonist struggles with is finding the consistency in a box of cane reeds. In a box of 10, maybe you will find 5 are great, 3 are average and 2 are just unplayable. That makes the unit cost of…

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Buying or renting a saxophone? 

Even before deciding to buy or rent a saxophone, you might be thinking:

- Am I really going to like playing the sax?
- Is it difficult to learn the sax?
- Do I have the talent to learn the sax?

These thoughts, coupled with the fact that saxophones in general aren't cheap, will definitely get you a little nervous. Hopefully after reading this, you will feel a little more assured.

Renting a sax

The biggest draw about renting a sax is that it allows students to potentially just walk away after one month, or…

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Getting Your First Saxophone (and hopefully the last) 

The saxophone is not a cheap instrument. Compared to a ukelele, cajon and some acoustic guitars, buying a saxophone will probably make you feel the pinch. My general rule is, anything brand new below $1000 SGD (700 USD) is usually going to be a red flag. This is because the saxophone will likely be made in China. I have nothing against them, but I feel that the workmanship can be a little shoddy and it does not hold up well with time. At my saxophone shop, we give a one year warranty on every saxophone…

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Is it difficult to learn the saxophone? 


I get this question all the time. Somehow people are often drawn to the sound of the saxophone. Despite only being only invented in the 1840s, it has been prominently featured in almost every genre of music since its inception. This could have given rise to its visibility and popularity. Or it could be the fact that when played well, it can sound a lot like the human voice.  

I learnt the piano as my first instrument, so if I was comparing the saxophone to the piano, the saxophone would seem much…

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