Buying or renting a saxophone?

Even before deciding to buy or rent a saxophone, you might be thinking:

- Am I really going to like playing the sax?
- Is it difficult to learn the sax?
- Do I have the talent to learn the sax?

These thoughts, coupled with the fact that saxophones in general aren't cheap, will definitely get you a little nervous. Hopefully after reading this, you will feel a little more assured.

Renting a sax

The biggest draw about renting a sax is that it allows students to potentially just walk away after one month, or whatever the rental period is. However, there are many disadvantages to this too.

Firstly, starting on the sax can be challenging enough. You would want an instrument that plays easily, without any mechanical problems or leaks. Unfortunately, not many people will rent you instruments that are playing perfectly. They can be old, not maintained and serviced for a long time and have stinky cases. This is definitely not the first impression you want to have of the instrument. Playing on such a rented instrument will probably make you feel that the saxophone is very difficult to play and you might lose interest in it altogether. 

The next thing is that the cost of the rental will be lost. It would also not make sense if you are renting for long periods of time like 3-6 months. The money would have better been put towards getting a new saxophone. 

Usually the shops renting you a saxophone would want a deposit. There is a risk that because you are new to the instrument, you might accidentally drop it, or damage it. The shop would then keep your deposit or even make you pay more to cover the cost of the damage. Why put yourself through all this?

Lastly, I think building a relationship with a saxophone is very important. You do not want to be spending a month getting used to the rental instrument and then have to change to another instrument after that. 

Buying a saxophone

When you buy a good first saxophone, you will potentially be saving yourself from lots of headaches. Firstly, you would be getting a warranty, usually about a year, to protect against any mechanical faults. You will also be certain that the instrument is playing perfectly and allow you to learn the best on.

You can also build a strong relationship with it from day one. If you buy a good saxophone at a great price, you will also be able to resell for a good price if you decide to give up the saxophone down the road. Provided you keep it in good condition. This will make your initial investment even less than if you were renting. 

Now what?

If you were thinking of renting a saxophone, it would be best to bring your teacher or a good saxophonist to help you check the instrument beforehand. This will ensure that you will be getting an instrument that plays well from top to bottom. 

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